Histoires Exquises (Exquisite Stories in french) is an interactive installation based on the collaborative aspect of the exquisite corpse, inviting the public to participate to the creation of a evolutive story.
Each visitor inherits the story imagined and narrated by previous visitors. Participating in the narrative, he influences the course of story, without being certain that their participation is guarded by his successors.

The device takes place in a voting booth, containing a screen, microphone and buttons to navigate in the story previously produced by previous visitors. The visitor can choose to replace a sequence where he wants in the story by recording himself in the microphone.

The oral aspect of the installation makes the participation accessible (illiterate, open to all languages), playful and spontaneous, and each participant is identifiable while remaining anonymous.
Originally presented to Morocco, the installation was hidden in a booth. Wink the link between freedom of expression and democracy, this display has also encouraged greater spontaneity. In other events the installation was made ​​without voting booth.


The installation have been (or will be) exposed during those events:

2012/10 Nuit Blanche Amiens, France
2012/06 ttt Berlin, Germany
2012/05 Bruits de fond Guyancourt, France
2011/03 MCDate, Maison des Métallos Paris, France
2010/09 Le Cube Festival Issy Les Mlnx, France
2010/04 FICAM10 Meknès, Morroco